Helpointe | About Us
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About Us

At Helppointe, we don’t stop at Finding you top-quality staff for your home and office (Which we in fact do)! Beyond that, you can expect a service experience that prioritizes the things you care about…every single time!
We are your cup of tea if like us, you agree that access to your private space, possessions and the most precious people in your life, should be by only the most trusted of staff.

Why Choose Us?


We are your choice placement service because we care! Your concerns are our concerns, your anxieties, our anxieties and these have been taking into full consideration in our offerings and service delivery

We utilise a bespoke approach. Each of our clients is unique and so are your needs. We take our time to understand exactly what you are looking for and match you with candidates who tick all those boxes.

We are professional! We believe in doing things properly. We are building a sector you can finally trust!

We believe in relationships. It’s not just a pay our fee-thank you very much-end of interaction. We follow through to ensure you are happy for as long as our staff remain in your employ.

Domestic Staff

Every reason stated for our clients applies to you too. Yes, you are just as important to us. The reason is simple! When you are happy, our clients are happy and that makes us very happy! See! Finding you a job that ‘fits’ you is what we do.  Doing our best to ensure you have a comfortable and abuse- free work environment is our commitment to you.

Looking for help? Send us a message!