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A Helppointe Chef is usually formally trained and has many years of experience in household kitchens as well as restaurant/hotel kitchens.

A Helppointe Cook, may have been informally trained and has fewer years of experience.

Hiring a private chef is becoming increasingly popular among our busy clients.  The advantages are many. You have access to a cook who understands the individual and general dietary needs and preferences of your family, can make home-cooked meals with the freshest ingredients to suit those needs, and is able to assist with menu planning, budgeting and shopping for Ingredients,

As a plus, most of our chefs are capable of catering to small meetings or parties in your home. Areas of expertise include Local Cuisine, Continental Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Low-fat/healthy meals, Low-Sodium Meals, Mediterranean Cuisine and so much more.

Save money on dining out all the time and hire a Helppointe Cook/Chef. To know more about hiring a Helppointe Cook/Chef, please call us on + 234 818 242 5869 or send us a message via Whatsapp or any of our other social media channels.

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