Helpointe | Home Personal Assistant
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Home Personal Assistant

A Helppointe Home PA is best suited to large households and very busy employers. She/ he works very closely with the employer in accomplishing her duties which may range from household related tasks to non-household related tasks. She is usually the one who oversees/supervises other staff employed in the home, in the event of multiple domestic staff.

Just like an Office PA, a Home PA is hired to ensure and support the smooth running of her employer’s home. She organizes and manages her employer’s schedules and appointments, plans and organizes family events, assists with running errands, minor meal and snack preparation , grocery shopping, organizes laundry drop offs and pick-ups, accompanies pets to the vet, organizes household repairs and so much more. In homes where there are children, she helps with homework; accompanies them on outings and organizes play dates.

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