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With a Helppointe Nanny, you can rest easy, assured that your precious child (ren) and household are in the best hands. Our Nannies are extensively vetted, trained and exhibit the highest levels of professionalism, dedication to duty, reliability and care. For them, it’s not just a job…..they love what they do! They extent of the duties you require your Nanny to perform depend on you and should be stated clearly from the on-set. Her major responsibility is to look after the children. She helps with giving them a bath, dressing them up, washing and ironing their clothes, preparing their meals, assisting with homework, engaging them, amongst many other duties.

Live-in Nanny

Our live-in Nanny is a widely popular option because it affords the client access to a nanny who is available throughout the day. She is best suited to households that are able to provide meals and board.

Daily or Live-out Nanny

Our daily Nanny resumes at your home in the morning and returns to her own home at the close of the day. She is a great option for clients who do not have an extra room to accommodate her or who for personal reasons, prefer that their nanny not reside in their home. She is best suited to clients who prefer not to or are not able to provide accommodation within their home

Temporary/Holiday Nanny

Are you from out of town for work or an event? Are you here on holiday? Would you be interested in having a fully verified, professionally trained nanny watch your children or provide support during your stay in town? Our holiday nannies are the perfect option for you. They are available for as long as you need them and as either live-in or daily nannies.

Maternity Nanny

Our Maternity Nannies are experienced, most of them mothers themselves and knowledgeable in all areas that have to do with caring for a newborn whilst at the same time offering support to the new mom. They are available for three (3) months from the time a baby is born but can be hired a month before the mom is due to have the baby. To know more about how a maternity nurse could serve you, kindly contact us on +234 818 242 5869


Our babysitters are available to watch your children for only a few hours a day. If you have a one-time or occasional need for someone to watch, engage and entertain your children while you go out for say a meeting, dinner, the movies, etc., we are the number to call. For more information, please call us on + 234 818 242 5869

Travel Nanny: coming soon!

A travel nanny is available to accompany you on trips within or outside the country. With our travel Nanny, you can better enjoy your family trips, get some alone time, fully assured your children are in capable hands.

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