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Our Services

Sourcing & Screening

The most critical part of our process is finding the right people. We take this seriously. We take our time to find candidates that can competently fill the role(s) requested for by the client.

Extensive Over- the- phone and In-person Interviews are conducted to assess skill-set and personality fit.

We are able to effectively sift through the large numbers of potential candidates and short-list the most suitable, saving our clients a lot of valuable time

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Background Checks

Background Checks serve multiple purposes. They provide some insight into the true character, personality and work ethic of a potential candidate. They may be conducted by our In-house Verification Unit or through our very competent background check partner companies. Address verifications, former employer confirmations, reference checks and guarantor verifications are some of the checks we cover.

Medical Screening

This covers common communicable diseases and are conducted in a reputable hospital/lab

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Candidates receive training in general and role-specific areas. Courses cover First Aid and CPR training, etiquette, safety, personal grooming and a lot more.

Payroll Processing and Statutory Adherence

We provide Staff Payroll Management. From salary disbursements to handling deductions, bonuses, Tax, Insurance, etc.



We provide role-specific functional uniforms so your staff can look the part and at the same time be presentable.


Need advice on staffing needs for your home or office? Need guidance on the type of Individual that would be the best fit for your unique situation, number of staff you should hire, etc, we would be glad to help.


Looking for help? Send us a message!